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Keeping your digital presence continuously tuned, optimized, and secure to align with changing business and technical requirements can be time consuming. Tap into Fastly’s expertise to keep up with the ongoing change and complexity of modern businesses -- all while freeing up your IT and engineering resources. With Fastly’s Quick Value Packages, you’re able to focus on driving your business forward.

Logging Insights Package

If you’ve ever wondered why your site or service seems slow, if the traffic you’re getting is suspicious, or if your customers are getting the intended experience, you understand the value that data and analytics bring to your business. Without this critical visibility, customers and end-users will find (and potentially even exploit) problems before you can identify and resolve them. This may result in a poor customer experience, loss of revenue, and potentially a damaged reputation. And at the speed that modern companies are now operating in a digital world, real-time insights are becoming nearly mandatory in order to help your site, product or service stay competitive, and delight your customers and users daily. Your ability to understand not just what’s happening at the web level — what most web analytics services offer — but also with your end users and deeper into your system provides critical visibility, empowering you to make decisions and changes on the fly.

The Logging Insights Package provides actionable intelligence that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues for optimal performance and user experience. Our expert consultants will implement a guided customization of preconfigured dashboards tailored to your specific goals. With helpful data visualizations and alerts, you can spend time analyzing trends and patterns — not watching your team dig through tons of log files hoping for a clue where to start looking for problems.


  • Real-time visibility: Assess your site or service and increase performance with actionable intelligence

  • Continuous improvement: Use data to optimize Fastly and your entire stack; analyze requests and responses over time

  • Identify suspicious traffic: Gain valuable insights into end-user behavior, helping you identify and block suspicious activity

What’s included:

  • 4 preconfigured dashboards with the Sumo Logic App for Fastly*, with guided customization to meet your industry and business needs

    • Overview: Visitor geolocations, download performance hotspots, visitor countries, top 404-causing/missing URLs, top server error-causing URLs, and more

    • Origin Performance: 90%-ile latency by origin host, median latency by origin host, slowest URLs, origin content download time, and more

    • Quality of Service: Download performance hotspots, cache performance, cache hit percentage, overall content download time, cacheable content download time, and more

    • Visitors: Visitor locations, requests by country, requests by datacenter, TLS usage, HTTPS usage, requests by user agent, overall request volume, total request size over time, and more

  • Consulting work to:

    • Identify your specific business metrics and execute guided customization of 4 Sumo Logic dashboards

    • Answer questions and use your feedback to refine your dashboards

    • Provide basic dashboard instruction and common troubleshooting techniques for your team

*Requires purchase of Sumo Logic license

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