Quick Value Packages

Keeping your digital presence continuously tuned, optimized, and secure to align with changing business and technical requirements can be time consuming. Tap into Fastly’s expertise to keep up with the ongoing change and complexity of modern businesses -- all while freeing up your IT and engineering resources. With Fastly’s Quick Value Packages, you’re able to focus on driving your business forward.

WAF Tuning Plus Package

Let us analyze and fine-tune your WAF, freeing up your scarce security resources to focus on other areas. We’ll help you maintain business continuity by keeping your web and mobile apps constantly available, while avoiding financial and/or reputational damage associated with a potential security breach.

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Logging Insights Package

Gain actionable intelligence that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in near real time for optimal performance and user experience of your app, website, or service. Our expert consultants will implement a guided customization of preconfigured dashboards tailored to your specific business goals.

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Performance Optimization Package

Eliminate the time commitment and resource requirements associated with assessing your site to identify opportunities for performance improvements. Our experienced consultants will analyze your unique attributes and identify tuning opportunities so you know your site or service is living up to its full potential and delighting your customers.

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