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Low Latency Live Streaming using CMAF

Watch the webinar recording to see how Fastly’s edge cloud is designed to reduce end-to-end latency for live streaming workflows. We also…

Fastly and Google Cloud Platform Datasheet

Combining the best of cloud with the best of the edge

Out with the old: how Dunelm transformed itself by rethinking its technology

In 2017, Dunelm came up against a challenge familiar to many retailers: how to meet the demands of the modern tech-savvy consumer with…

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Image Optimizer

Your site’s performance isn’t just about moving content closer to end users, it’s also about ensuring images are compressed on every page to…

Fastly for Streaming Media Datasheet

Fastly is purpose-built to deliver outstanding customer experiences for live streaming and on-demand content. Learn how Fastly can support…

GraphQL Inspection Datasheet

The Fastly Next-Gen WAF provides the ability to parse GraphQL requests, enabling visibility and protection against GraphQL attacks.

Fastly Security Packages Datasheet

Fastly’s Security Packages help you confidently protect your web apps and APIs in any environment — on-premise, cloud, or hybrid — with the…

Fastly HTTP/3 and Quic Datasheet
Fastly Load Balancer Datasheet

Content-aware load balancing for any infrastructure environment