Hi Fastly customers + friends,

As the weather heats up, so does our product portfolio. Observability has been a top priority and we are proud to announce Origin Inspector and Domain Inspector in General Availability, which can be self-enabled straight from the Fastly UI. On the security front, Fastly Next-Gen WAF Edge Deployment is now in GA and CVE signals are also available for Essential Plan customers. Our long time product, Image Optimizer, also got a tune up and now offers feature trim-color, which adds a border to an image without sacrificing end-user performance. Last but not least, JavaScript SDK has been added to Compute@Edge’s supported languages. Read on for more information.

Table of Contents

Origin Inspector GA

End-to-end observability is now available with Fastly’s Origin Inspector. For companies using a single origin, multi-cloud or multi-CDN architecture, Origin Inspector unlocks end-to-end visibility of internet traffic traveling from the origin to the Fastly Edge Cloud so customers can effortlessly report every origin response, byte, status code, and more in both real-time and historical time series data. Self-enable this feature in the Fastly UI, purchase an edge cloud package, or contact sales for enterprise solutions.

Domain Inspector GA

Along with Origin Inspector, Domain Inspector is available in GA to serve domain-level insights. Real-time and historical data is presented in turn-key visualizations or customizable to fit your exact business needs. Domain Inspector allows our customers to effortlessly monitor traffic for a single fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or multiple domains assigned to a Fastly service.

Fastly Next-Gen WAF Edge Deployment GA & CVE Signals

Following last quarter’s limited availability launch, Fastly Next-Gen WAF Edge Cloud Deployment is now available in general availability. Given the rise of new RCE threats in late 2021 and into early 2022 such as Log4Shell and SpringShell, we added the following updates to ensure breadth of protection for customers.

  • Additional new APIs for de-provisioning

  • Improved origin syncing

  • Percentage ramp up feature is now supported to control the amount of traffic through the edge security service.

Along with Fastly Next-Gen WAF graduating to general availability, CVE Signals is also available for Essential Plan Customers. The new CVE functionality can be configured through the web interface from the Signals menu or through the templated rules section of the API.

Image Optimizer Feature Trim-Color

The trim-color feature within Image Optimizer (IO) is now available in GA. The Image Optimizer trim-color feature provides an additional method for trimming images by identifying a rectangular border based on specified or auto-detected color and removing this border from the edges of an image. Image Optimizer reduces infrastructure and cloud costs by simplifying image creation, automating the image delivery workflow, and eliminating time-consuming image preprocessing.

JavaScript SDK LA

JavaScript SDK in Compute@Edge can now support full production traffic. JavaScript has been highly requested for Compute@Edge and is widely used by both front-end and backend developers. Front-end and back-end developers can build workloads and functions “edge-side” on Fastly, streamlining workstreams.