Video on Demand

Streaming Media Delivery for VoD

Whether you’re working with one of Fastly’s online video platform (OVP) partners, bringing your video-on-demand delivery in house, looking to improve your existing streaming delivery service or looking to go multi-CDN, the right partner can help you deliver, high quality-of-experience (QoE) viewers demand.

Deliver broadcast-quality video experiences

Reduce origin traffic

Fastly’s add-on Media Shield for VOD optimizes multi-CDN deployments while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of video streaming by significantly reducing your origin traffic and boosting performance.

Media shield for VoD

Streamline content packaging

Fastly’s On-the-Fly Packager (OTFP) add-on helps organizations cut costs associated with duplicating content for different packaging HTTP streaming protocols (e.g HLS and DASH). OTFP is also feature rich with support for DRM partner integrations, content pre-conditioning for ad insertion, and trickplay support. 

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Tailor content to different device types

Device detection allows you to write logic to tailor content for a variety of device types, improving delivery quality and user experience. This provides the ability for you to detect a handset, tablet, and more in order to deliver the correct mobile version of your content. 

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Protect your content

Fastly protects your video content in a number of different ways, including Edge authorization tokens, geofencing and media encryption. We also integrate with multi-DRM providers like ExpressPlay, castLabs, and buyDRM for content protection, while our fully configurable platform allows you to set rules to detect when VPNs and proxies are being used to bypass content protection.

Enabling geofencing

Play ads and track performance

Fastly supports Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) workflows through several features that provide more granular control over how your video is packaged. Timed metadata injection lets you embed metadata that signals a player to play ads and track performance or engagement at specific points in the video timeline.

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Media Shield for VoD

Fastly’s Media Shield for Live streamlines existing multi-CDN deployments while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your streaming services.

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OTFP does just-in-time transmuxing to the most popular streaming formats (Apple’s HLS and MPEG-DASH) for any resolution at any frame rate.

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TLS Encryption

Secure your apps and websites quickly and easily with our Fastly TLS or Platform TLS solutions — designed for scale and performance.

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