Optimize any cloud

Get a serious boost in visibility and control without replacing your CDN. 

Fastly Cloud Optimizer sits between any CDN and origin to provide you with additional services and features without having to re-architect your network infrastructure.

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Reduce trips to origin

Consolidate trips to origin to serve the latest content for less.

Without making any changes to your current infrastructure, Cloud Optimizer’s Request Collapsing feature combines multiple requests for the same piece of content down to one request back to origin, reducing identical requests and associated egress costs.

cloud optimizer: reduce trips to origin

Real-time logging

See requests — and react to them — as they happen.

Cloud Optimizer delivers real-time logs to give you a direct line of sight into your traffic from any CDN you’re using — and the ability to make more informed business decisions as quickly as possible.

cloud optimizer: real-time logging

Intelligent routing

Level up your cloud during migrations, outages, and traffic spikes.

Make any cloud work smarter with Cloud Optimizer’s load balancing capabilities. Create unlimited custom rules to intelligently route traffic based on data such as location, device, and cookies, and prevents lags and downtime with near-instant convergence and failover.

cloud optimizer: intelligent routing

Must-have features and functionality

Get instant access to the tools developers love.

Placing Cloud Optimizer between your CDN and your edge cloud puts all the features of the Fastly platform at your fingertips. Think API acceleration, instant config changes, WAF, image optimization, and edge dictionaries — services that let you streamline your development processes.

cloud optimizer: must-have features and functionality