Fastly edge cloud pricing 

All purchase options come with a complete set of Fastly features to help you build amazing digital experiences and meet your business goals with speed and confidence.


Everything you need to get started and plan for future scale.

Best for:

Any size company looking to give Fastly a try.

Test up to $50 of traffic for free. Pay as you go from there with bandwidth pricing.


Go further. Predictable spending that accelerates growth.

Best for:

Small companies looking for a trusted solutions provider.

3TB global delivery per month

30MM Image Optimizer images per month

Secure up to 10 domains with Fastly TLS non-profit CA/BYO certificates

View real-time and historic origin-specific traffic with Origin Inspector - Essential (includes 31 free Origin Days)

Standard support


Focus on driving growth with delivery, security, and compute capabilities that align to your size and needs.

Best for:

Mid-sized companies with a global focus.

10TB global delivery per month 

100MM Image Optimizer images per month

Secure up to 10 domains with Fastly TLS commercial CA certificates

View real-time and historic origin-specific traffic with Origin Inspector - Professional (includes 31 free Origin Days)

Gold support


Ready to customize? Advanced security, compute, and delivery packages that are tailored for your size and scale.

Best for:

Companies with a focus on scale and innovation.

Unlimited global delivery

Custom Image Optimizer images

Custom TLS

View real-time and historic origin-specific traffic with Origin Inspector  - Enterprise


Need enhanced web app and API security?

Protect your web apps and APIs at scale anywhere — in cloud, containers, data centers, at edge, or hybrid environments. Our Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides protection that goes beyond OWASP Top 10 injection-style web attacks and stops advanced threats.

Our single solution guards against:
  • Account takeover (ATO)

  • App business logic attacks

  • API abuse

  • Malicious bots

  • OWASP injection attacks

  • And much more

Our subscription-based Secure packages are tailored to meet your organizational needs. In addition to DDoS protection and TLS encryption* we provide comprehensive web application and API security in easy-to-purchase bundles with right-sized support.


Best for

Organizations that need simple, effective app protection and fixed pricing.

Key capabilities
  • Fastly Next-Gen WAF

  • Deploy anywhere: cloud, datacenter, or hybrid

  • DDoS protection

  • TLS encryption


Best for

Organizations or risk-averse departments in larger enterprises that need enhanced security visibility and control.

Key capabilities
  • Fastly Next-Gen WAF

  • Deploy anywhere: cloud, datacenter or hybrid

  • Custom signals

  • API and ATO protection rules

  • DDoS protection

  • TLS encryption


Best for

Organizations looking for company-wide network and app security solutions with enhanced customization, visibility, control, and elevated support.

Key capabilities
  • Fastly Next-Gen WAF

  • Deploy anywhere: cloud, datacenter, or hybrid

  • Virtual patching

  • Custom signals

  • API and ATO protection rules

  • Rate limiting

  • DDoS protection

  • TLS encryption

  • Eligible for Response Security Service add-on

*customer must separately purchase a Fastly delivery product to leverage DDoS and TLS capabilities

Fastly Compute@Edge pricing

Build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge — without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Test it free with a trial, then speak with an expert to get Compute@Edge activated for your business.

Fastly charges for Compute@Edge based on the total number of compute requests you make plus their compute duration, which is the duration of memory usage, and CPU time. Each compute request uses the Fastly delivery architecture and the associated Compute@Edge charges apply in addition to applicable delivery charges.

Base Price

Metric Pricing
Compute@Edge Requests $0.50 / Million Requests
Compute@Edge Duration $0.000035 / GB-Sec

Compute@Edge Requests is defined by the total number of Compute@Edge requests (in millions). Compute@Edge Requests are counted each time Compute@Edge executes in response to an event.

Compute@Edge Duration is the duration of memory usage and is measured from the beginning of executing a request until the response is returned or is otherwise terminated. Compute@Edge Duration is measured in 50 ms increments and is based on 128 MB of memory allocation per request. Monthly totals are presented on your invoice as GB-Seconds.

Included vCPU & Charges

Metric Overage Pricing
vCPU Seconds $0.000045 / vCPU Sec

vCPU Seconds is the measurement of CPU Processing Time per Request. Requests of 20 ms or less in duration do not incur any vCPU charges; Any vCPU time beyond 20ms is metered and charged in increments of 10 ms. The total number of  metered vCPU milliseconds are aggregated and converted to seconds (1000 ms) when presented on your monthly bill.

Try Compute@Edge freeAsk an expert


Build, deliver, and secure your apps and sites with full-featured products and capabilities included in each tailored Edge Cloud package.

Network services

  • Full website and streaming media delivery network

  • Instant purging

  • Origin shielding

  • Dynamic site acceleration

And more


  • Web app and API protection

  • DDoS attack mitigation

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • TLS encryption

And more


  • Global edge compute platform 

  • Local debugging 

  • Flexible microservice chaining 

  • Edge data

And more


  • Real-time and historical data

  • Critical visibility

  • Customizable data

  • Flexible

And more

  • Monitor the health of your origin servers
  • Manage traffic fluctuations and maintain high performance
  • Understand the demographics of your customers and serve personalized content
  • Block bad actors from your site
  • Manage everything through the Fastly web interface
  • Build for the modern web with serverless edge compute
  • Access data storage on the edge
  • Leverage real-time and customizable visibility with stats and logs
  • View historical usage stat dashboards and APIs
  • Real-time control and configurability via APIs or web interface

Explore add ons

Everything you need to drive results and take your Fastly solutions to the next level.

  • featured
  • Service
  • Security
  • Support

Next-Gen WAF Professional Subscription

Unified web application and API protection solution with comprehensive web attack detection and real-time visibility across cloud, containers, on-premise or hybrid environments.

  • featured
  • Product
  • Support

PCI-compliant caching and delivery

Cache and deliver content in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • featured
  • Product
  • Streaming

On-the-Fly Packager

Dynamically package video content in different HTTP streaming formats in real time.


By category

All add ons

  • Service
  • Support
  • Security

WAF Quick Start Package

Provides basic setup and provisioning of your Fastly Web Application Firewall (WAF).

  • Service
  • Security

DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service and SLA

Fastly offers DDoS Protection and Mitigation Service to customers with a sustained DDoS threat risk or with short term and seasonal events to protect.

  • Product
  • Security

Platform TLS Certificate Management Product

Programmatically manage large numbers of certificates and keys for Transport Layer Security (TLS) using a web API.

  • Service
  • Signal Sciences

Managed Rules Add-on

"Managed Rules are used for implementing advanced customizations by the Professional Services team. Creation and deployment of up to five managed rules. Our Professional Services team works with the customer to understand the pattern that they would like to have tagged so that it can be used as an alert or for reporting. Includes:

  • Initial call to understand business or security needs for patterns

  • Creation and deployment of up to five Managed Rules

Delivered remotely."

  • Service
  • Signal Sciences

Next-Gen WAF Product Training 201

Half day training session for up to 15 attendees teaching advanced troubleshooting of Signal Sciences Agents and Modules, and walking through the Signal Sciences APIs to extract, transform, and load data into other tools or services. Can be delivered remotely.

  • Service
  • Signal Sciences

Next-Gen WAF Product Training 101

Half day training session for up to 15 attendees introducing the Signal Sciences platform, teaching skills for using the solution with real world learning exercises. Can be delivered remotely.

  • Service
  • Support

Gold Support

Enhanced support with SLAs to guarantee faster response times, and priority routing. Get proactive alerts for high-impact events, expedited 24/7 incident response times, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

  • Product
  • Signal Sciences

Hosted Agent Origin Add-on

For Signal Sciences Cloud WAF customers who need to protect additional app or API origins: this is determined by customer's app origin location.

  • Product
  • Security

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Detects malicious request traffic to help protect against application-layer (layer 7) attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and HTTP protocol violations.

  • Service
  • Support

Enterprise Support

Concerned about time-sensitive or mission-critical traffic? Get the added benefits of emergency escalation for support cases and 24/7 responses for inquiries, including direct phone and Slack support.

  • Service
  • Signal Sciences

Health Check Add-on

"A health check service of the customer's deployment of Signal Sciences to ensure that the solution is operating in an optimal state and capabilities are being fully utilized. An assessment report is provided to the customer details learnings and suggestions for improvement.

  • Single remote session to understand how the customer currently uses Signal Sciences

  • ""Report Card"" assessment of their deployment and for anything that ""fails"" recommended remediation steps"

  • Product
  • Delivery

Dedicated IP addresses

A pool of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, maintained and managed by Fastly, across Fastly’s global Edge Cloud which can be used to support TLS certificate management for non-SNI clients, custom cipher suites, simplify managmenet of large numbers of domains (via IP-to-service pinning), or to identify zero-rated billing services.

Pricing estimator

Input your anticipated bandwidth requirements for each of our supported regions below. Our free trial allows you to pay as you go for content delivery and streaming delivery across our global regions.

Cost is estimated based on a monthly schedule.

Total monthly pricing estimate
Bandwidth (GB)
File requests
Cost (USD)

Contact one of our sales representatives to obtain a more detailed quote.Get sales quote

We bill our customers a minimum of $50 per month based on the combined total of your bandwidth and request usage.

Bandwidth for content delivery and streaming delivery is measured as gigabytes delivered from Fastly caches by region. Fees are calculated at the bandwidth rates. Rate reductions are applied automatically with greater usage.

HTTP and HTTPS requests are accumulated in units of 10,000 by region. Fees for content delivery and streaming delivery are calculated at the request rates.

Bandwidth pricing

Get a free trial, then pay as you go for content and streaming delivery across our global regions.

  Bandwidth (per GB per region) Requests
Region First 10 TB Next 10 TB (per 10,000 requests)
North America $0.12 $0.08 $0.0075
Europe $0.12 $0.08 $0.0075
Asia $0.19 $0.14 $0.0090
South America $0.19 $0.14 $0.0090
Australia & New Zealand $0.19 $0.14 $0.0090
South Korea $0.28 $0.24 $0.0160
India $0.28 $0.24 $0.0160
Africa $0.28 $0.24 $0.0160

TLS/SSL secure connections

Service type Monthly costs
Fastly TLS — Non-Profit CA / Bring Your Own Certificates $0 for first 5 domains,
$20 per additional domain
Fastly TLS — Commercial CA $275 per domain
High-volume or custom requirements contact sales →

Learn more about Fastly's TLS/SSL service options.