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Discover Fastly’s robust partner ecosystem and find partners with the right expertise to meet your needs. Select high-quality partners, from resellers to technical integrations.

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Our program offers multiple go-to-market options, whether you’re looking for a channel engagement or technology alliance. Choose the best option for greater revenue opportunities.

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As a Fastly partner, you gain access to Fastly’s unique program benefits to help you differentiate your business, reach new customers faster, and deepen your existing engagements.

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About our partner network

The best of the cloud at the speed of the edge

Fastly’s Partner Network is designed for channel and technology partners to leverage Fastly’s edge cloud network to build solutions and integrate services for their customers. We empower businesses –– like Google Cloud, Pantheon, Brightcove, Presidio, and more –– to build and deliver faster, more secure, digital experiences from the edge. Partners gain exclusive access to go-to-market resources like sales, technical, and marketing enablement to accelerate revenue and increase profitability.

Our partner types


Technology Partners

Offer new capabilities or enhance existing ones by embedding Fastly into your platform.

Includes partners like:
IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and ISVs


Channel Partners

Extend your catalog of offerings by referring or reselling Fastly products & services.

Includes partners like:
DMR, VAR, MSP, MSSP, IT sourcers and agencies


Cloud Partners

Combine edge capabilities with central cloud services to help customers undergoing digital transformation.

Includes partners like:
Cloud service providers

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What our partners say

Yottaa partners with Fastly to provide flawless performance for enterprise retail brands

Yottaa provides an enterprise level platform to optimize, accelerate, and secure over 1,500 online retail sites globally, delivering fast, consistent, and secure shopping experiences. Solving one of the biggest challenges in the industry, Yottaa optimally sequences and controls 3rd party technologies in the browser, in addition to optimizing all other digital elements on the site. 

  • The challenge

    Online retail sites are becoming more complex and costly, particularly driven by the need to augment ecommerce platforms with 3rd party technologies to deliver compelling shopper experiences, regardless of traffic volumes or holiday peaks.

  • The solution

    Fastly’s edge cloud network enables Yottaa to improve cache management and data analysis, resulting in a +20% higher cache hit ratio and page load times up to 450 milliseconds faster than other content delivery networks, resulting in a consistent, high-quality user experience for all shoppers.

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Build, market, and sell with Fastly’s partner programs

  • Technical training

    Build and strengthen your edge cloud expertise by taking advantage of Fastly’s advanced technical training, exclusively for Fastly partners.

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  • Go-to-market support

    Fastly partners can optimize marketing efforts with resources like co-branded assets, case studies, PR & branding guidelines, social, and more

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  • Sales enablement

    Access sales enablement resources built specifically for partners to help accelerate your revenue and optimize your selling motion with Fastly.

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