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Fastly enables Virgin Money Giving to deliver superior site performance and exceptional online user experiences

Industry: Financial services

Location: London, UK

Customer since: January 2018

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Origin Shield

TLS Encryption

About Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving, Virgin Money’s not-for-profit fundraising website helps people raise more money for charities. Unlike many other fundraising websites, Virgin Money Giving doesn’t make a profit. Gift Aid is passed on to charities in full, meaning more money goes directly where it is needed — to the charity itself. Since being founded in 2009, Virgin Money Giving has been the fundraising platform partner for the London Marathon, the biggest single annual fundraising event in the world. In 2019 over £28m was raised through Virgin Money Giving for more than 2,000 charities. Over 15,000 charities have registered with Virgin Money Giving to date and £3/4 billion has been raised for good causes through the platform.

Why Fastly

In the process of transforming their digital presence, Virgin Money Giving chose Fastly’s edge cloud network to support its online growth, particularly for peak traffic events like the London Marathon. A globally recognizable brand with a reputation for their customer-centric ethos, Virgin Money Giving prioritized providing their fundraisers and donors with a more secure, resilient, and user-friendly website. Fastly’s Origin Shield ensures top performance for web and mobile page loads during peak traffic while reducing the impact on Virgin Money’s infrastructure and providing an improved and secure customer experience.

“A strong, growing partnership with Fastly helps us ensure that we deliver a customer experience that is in line with our brand. We have worked together closely on our journey to make life easy for customers and make sure our customers love us. To meet the demands on our website, we wanted a clean and easy-to-use system that allows users to quickly get the information they need — Fastly delivered.”

James Cousins

IT Delivery Manager, Virgin Money Giving

Resiliency for Scale

With Fastly’s content delivery network, Virgin Money Giving provides donors with a performant, secure transaction experience without taxing Virgin Money’s infrastructure. Using Fastly’s real-time analytics, Virgin Money Giving can monitor traffic patterns in real time, gaining valuable and actionable insight into their website’s performance. While Virgin Money Giving can plan for some of their highest-traffic events, others are unpredictable as celebrities endorse certain charities or social media campaigns go viral. Without appropriately scaled infrastructure, these unexpected spikes could threaten the ability of donors to complete transactions or of charities to monitor their progress. Virgin Money Giving relies upon Fastly’s DDoS solution to protect their infrastructure and maintain site availability in the event of malicious traffic spikes. Additionally, Fastly’s TLS encryption protects sensitive information and ensures secure transactions, protecting both Virgin Money Giving and their customers.

“Our traffic can be very peaky as campaigns often go viral. Although our infrastructure is robust, Fastly gives us additional security and protection from unpredictable traffic spikes. Most of our traffic is now being served from Fastly instead of from the Virgin Money Giving infrastructure. We’ve hit unprecedented traffic numbers with Fastly without sacrificing performance or needing to invest more in our own infrastructure. Our helpdesk is also reporting very low numbers of issues, so we know we’re keeping our customers happy.”

James Cousins

IT Delivery Manager

Speed and Agility without Sacrificing User Experience

True to their customer-centric philosophy, Virgin Money Giving has undertaken several projects to transform their digital presence and deliver the best possible user experience. VMG has redesigned their website for mobile users, simplified the user journey, and partnered with Fastly to ensure resilience and scalability as they continue to grow. As part of their transformation, Virgin Money has adopted more DevOps practices. Partnering with Fastly was the first step in this process. Fastly integrated easily with their existing infrastructure and has empowered the Virgin Money Giving team to be more agile and iterative in their development without negatively impacting their customers.

“With Fastly, we are not impeded. We can get more releases and updates out to our data centers without concern for disrupting customers as a result of our Fastly implementation. Our tech team feels empowered to do more, which has led to to an improvement in overall operations.”

James Cousins

IT Delivery Manager

“Fastly is a big part of our ability to grow the business and maintain a high-quality customer experience. Fastly allows us to be much more agile and to support devops-oriented operations. We’ve embedded Fastly into our devops systems setup and are excited about the results. The speed at which our developers can implement Fastly and ops can interact with it is impressive.”

James Cousins

IT Delivery Manager